1 Simple Game
Based in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Release date:
November 2, 2017



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Deus Cult is a resource management puzzle game set in the Apocalypse. Your goal es to carefully manage your money, faith, and souls tributes to appease the Eternal One’s rage; Indulge his will and mercy will be granted. Anger it and all hope for humanity would be lost.


Deus Cult is the latest release of 1 Simple Game, a game development studio based in Zapopan, Jalisco. The premise of Deus Cult was conceived during the Global Game Jam 2016 as a game that contrasted radically with Mucho Taco. While the aesthetic and thematic of Mucho Taco is cheerful and colorful, Deus Cult focuses on the occult. The puzzle game mechanics of Deus Cult are designed to offer a series of challenges that require planning and efficient management of time and resources. 1 Simple Game is the video game development arm of 1 Simple Idea, a creative digital strategic communication agency. In order to diversify the services and foster the commercial development of the company, in 2013, 1 Simple Idea decided to invest in a specialized cell in the development of games of intellectual property and digital entertainment.


  • Unique puzzle mechanics. Free and easy to play, but challenging to master.
  • Fulfill the creature’s will by managing a wide variety of tributes.
  • Multiple plagues that create unique challenges.
  • An ample number of scenarios to solve. Only the best can obtain the coveted Golden Medal of Mercy in each stage.


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About 1 Simple Game

1 Simple Game was built under the premise to entertain the world, developing incredible and enjoyable experiences for our players no matter if it rains, snows or after a zombie invasion. Working with an amazing team of highly determined and talented individuals, and building a sustainable business from which our community can benefit from… all while having a lot of fun doing it. Video games offer us the opportunity to combine art, technology, programming, storytelling, marketing, and sound in unique ways that can entertain and inspire our players. Through our collaborative effort, we strive to build a healthy ecosystem that will allow people that share the same ideals to work making the best experiences for a worldwide audience for many years, which also serve as a reference of how Mexico and LATAM can compete on a global scale.

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Deus Cult Credits

Edgar Hernández Rios
Game Design

Augusto Vázquez Orozco
Lead Programmer

Juan Pablo Covarruvias Espinosa
Lead Graphic Artist

Ricardo Ibarra Cortés
Technical Artist and Programmer

Karina Lomelí Espinosa
Game Design

Ovidio Escobedo Ramírez

Martín Meléndez Olivera

Soundscape Studio

Jorge Diez Marina Uribe
Media and MKT Materials Designer

Francisco Lara Sikorski
Executive Producer

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