1 Simple Game
Based in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Founding date:
July 2013


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The Lullaby of Life
Los Rules - Crazy Match 3
Deus Cult
Mucho Taco
Mugogy Jump

Av. Moctezuma 234
Cd. del Sol CP 45050
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

+52 (33) 3673 5094


1 Simple Game was built under the premise to entertain the world, developing incredible and enjoyable experiences for our players no matter if it rains, snows or after a zombie invasion.

Working with an amazing team of highly determined and talented individuals, and building a sustainable business from which our community can benefit from… all while having a lot of fun doing it.

Video games offer us the opportunity to combine art, technology, programming, storytelling, marketing, and sound in unique ways that can entertain and inspire our players. Through our collaborative effort, we strive to build a healthy ecosystem that will allow people that share the same ideals to work making the best experiences for a worldwide audience for many years, which also serve as a reference of how Mexico and LATAM can compete on a global scale.


As part of the expansion strategy of 1 Simple Idea, in early 2013 an internal game development cell was formed with the goal of creating casual games based on original intellectual property.

In April 2014 Mugogy Jump, the first product of this new initiative, was released for PS Vita and iOS platforms.

Our second game, Mucho Taco was released on September 2015 for iOS and Android platforms, becoming a worldwide hit with over 2.1 million downloads and receiving several aknowledgments including a Best of App Store award from Apple.

Deus Cult, our 3rd title, was released worldwide in November 2017.

In 2019 we were selected by Google to be part of its acceleration program for indie game developers (Google - Indie Game Accelerator) where they selected 30 studios (from more than 1,700 applicants) from developing countries all over the world, to take a 2 week long seminar at Google's HQ at Singapore and a 5 week long virtual follow up to finish our objectives, in this program we learned to be more professional and how to take better business decisions taking in consideration the market / user needs.
More info here.

"Los Rulés - Crazy Match 3" was released May 2020, you can check more information here.

July 2020 marks a new era on the studio as we launch our title "The Lullaby of Life" on Apple Arcade available worldwide for iOS, tvOS y MacOS, being this our first multiplatform game.

At the moment we are in the middle of production of 2 games, "Chronoloop" & "Room Roller".





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Google IGA Award 1SG - Google IGA / Class of 2019
Google IGA Team 1SG - Google IGA / Mentor & Coordinator
Google IGA 1SG - Google IGA @ Singapore
Room Roller 1SG - Room Roller
Room Roller 1SG - Room Roller explorations
Chronoloop 1SG - Chronoloop robot
Chronoloop 1SG - Chronoloop warrior
Mucho Taco 1SG - Mucho Taco / Barbacoatl
Mucho Taco 1SG - Mucho Taco restaurant
Rulés - Crazy Match 3 1SG - Rulés Crazy Match 3
Mugogy Jump 1SG - Mugogy Jump
Team profile 1SG - Team profile / Artist
Team profile 1SG - Team profile / Developer

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best of the year (Mucho Taco)" - AppStore Latin America - 2015
  • "Mexican pride (Mucho Taco)" - AppStore Latin America - 2015
  • "Best of September (Mucho Taco)" - AppStore Latin America - 2015
  • "Best 15 independent games (Mucho Taco)" - AppStore Latin America - 2015
  • "10 Greatest clickers (Mucho Taco)" - AppStore Latin America - 2015
  • "Finalist for best mobile app (Mucho Taco)" - a! Diseño - 2016
  • "Honorary mention (Deus Cult)" - VideojuegosMX - 2017
  • "Finalist for best trailer (Deus Cult)" - a! Diseño - 2018
  • "Class of 2019" - Google Indie Game Accelarator - 2019

Big Boss Battle
Mucho Taco — Piñatas, Resturants, Tacos And Quests - View here.

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Interview with Ovidio about Mucho Taco - View here (in spanish).

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How to Plan the Jam: Making Videogame Music with External Collaborators - View here.

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Desenvolvedores indies brasileiros se formam em programa de aceleração do Google - View here (in portugese).

Somos Tamaulipas
Apostando por la industria creativa como generadora de riqueza para México - View here (in spanish).

Main team

Francisco Lara Sikorski
CEO / Producer

Pablo Ovidio Escobedo Ramírez
Director / Product owner

Susana Karina Lomelí Espinosa
Production assistant

Selene Guizar Blancas
Project manager

Jesús Augusto Vázquez Orozco
Lead developer

Sergio Issac Ochoa Morán

Yassiel Torres Rios

Ricardo Daniel Ibarra Cortés
Lead technical artist

Miguel Reyes Castro
Technical artist

Román Murillo
Lead game designer

Abner Sable
Game designer

Jorge Silvadoray Flores

Heriberto Chávez Morales

Ricardo García Paredes

Jorge Luis Diez Marina
Graphic designer / VFX

Yuritzi Martínez Farías
Graphic designer

Gabriela Delgadillo Fuentes
Lead front-end developer

Fatima María Pastrano Sánchez

Karina Pérez Arias
Business assistant

Luzia Jaqueline Hopfner Delgadillo
VP New business

Daniel Toufic Franco Farah
New business

Mar Rodríguez Bermúdez
New business

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